Tuesday, 29 May 2012

First Brush: CoA

Instead of continuing with the KoB fleet, I wanted to start my Covenant of Antarctica models.  I wanted to work on my own colour scheme, and I need to get to the Time Dilation Orb as soon as possible.  I also really like the torpedo-shaped ships.

I started with the tiny Diogenes Class Frigates, as I have 9 and could afford to make a few mistakes.  I imagined a pale icy blue, with blue washed metal; sounded great for the waters of Antarctica.  My first attempt was very quick, but not very good.  The icy blue was too dark and the metallic blue was too similar.  I switched to ice and green metal, with copper pipes to tie it back to the steampunk origins.  The result was better, but I'd like the blue to be paler.

Ice water colour scheme:

Viewed from above:

I need to touch-up the ugly duckling, but I'm pleased with the result.  I'll try a different model, then tackle the Orb.


  1. Like the colour scheme. Me thinks you may have spent a bit more time on them than I did :P

    Look forward to seeing some more.

  2. Ha! You might be right. I'm a miniature painter, not an army painter, if you know what I mean. I've tried to simplify things a bit, tried speed things up, but I am sure I take a lot longer than other people.

    What really impresses me is how good some of the really simple colour schemes look. Those people that get a great looking army in a week or two just stun me.

    I'm really looking forwards to painting the CoA Orb. Pics next week, if all goes well. I’m a bit intimidated by the CoA battleship. It’s a great model, but there’s a lot of detail to get right.