Saturday, 28 November 2015

KD:M - Monster Assembly

No painting lately, we've been too busy playing Kingdom Death: Monster.

We have been assembling the monsters "just in time", but this week I pushed ahead and finished all the monsters (just seven of them).  For the survivors, we try to make one new one per game, made to match the kit someone is using.  For the other three on the hunt, we use a close match.

Here's the team shot:
Close ups of the monsters.  Screaming Antelope and the King's Hand.  (We've got the Antelope!)
The Butcher, the King's Man and the White Lion. The Butcher and the Lion are in the bag!
The Phoenix. By far the largest, but not the hardest fight. We'll get him soon.
The Watcher. This will be the final battle in the core game.
Here are some of the survivors. Red is wearing the Skull Helm and Honey is the ambidextrous dual axe wielder.
I only have to finish these 18 sprues!  Then the expansions arrive. 11 more monsters and 20 more survivors.

Good Hunting!