Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Vanguard - Three Heroes

More Sedition Wars minis.  Back to the blue-grey Vanguard forces, this time with the heroes. These guys are not quite so uniform in their colour scheme, but there is plenty to tie them back to the force.

Here we have Kara Black, force commander, Akosha, sniper, and Morgan Vade, the medic.  I might come back and work on the OSL, but I wanted to get these ready for a game tonight.  I had some trouble cleaning the mold lines, but I think the overall result is pretty good.  A little more contrast here and there would be good, such as the skin, but I like them.

Akosha's cloak came out pretty well and I was pleased with Vade's latex gloves, snap!  Akosha's hair was fun and I am looking forwards to some colourful anime minis that are in the mail (Relic Knights).

In this final shot, you can see how the heroes fit in with the troops.

More to come soon, I have some Strain ready for photos.