Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Kingdom Death's Night Out

In Update #22, Kingdom Death:Monster designer Adam Poots said he would take a break from his kickstarter to take the team out to Red Lobster if TwitchGameNight lost the game of KD:M they were broadcasting.  As part of the bet, if Twitch won, backers would get extra pinup rewards.

TwitchGameNight won!  Good news for us!  But poor Poots and Co. missed out.  So we took our KD:M team for a night out at the local Red Lobster.  Gloomwych braved the snow to get there!

Cassiopeia wasn't hunger and wanted a gift card.  She's from out of town, hence the odd name.

Red wanted a drink.

Skye had the crab.

Honey had shrimp.

Amber needed her zanbato to crack the lobster.

Here's Chestnut with her appetizer.

Our waitress was great and really played along.  I hope Poots and crew get to have a night out soon.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Monday, 28 November 2016

Another Huge Mini

So Spidicules from Kingdom Death is the largest miniature that I have painted, and will probably be the largest miniature I will ever painted a brush.  I really need an airbrush for models of this size!

So how big is it?  Take a look:

Did you see the giant spider hiding behind the mini?  That survivor is wearing the Silk Armor, harvested from the dead Spidicules body.  Okay enough joking, here is the monster.

I glued it to a sheet of perspex.  The long legs were really springy and make it very hard to move the model on the game board.  I was really pleased with this result, it's much easier to transport and use in the game.

You really need a close up to see the detail.

The spider spawns babies all over the place.  They are so cute!

  This miniature was a lot of work, but I have happy with the result.  It's been a lot of fun to fight too!

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Into the Fighting Pit

Okay, here a quick picture of Sereqet from Arena Rex.  It was great fun to paint.  Even more fun to push Tracey's gladiators into it, and have them eaten.

Very pinchy.

Into the Fighting Pit

Okay, here a quick picture of Sereqet from Arena Rex.  It was great fun to paint.  Even more fun to push Tracey's gladiators into it, and have them eaten.

Very pinchy.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Beastmen from ShadowSea

I just love these Antimatter Games minis.  The elephant man, Koth-Yan, is one of my favourite minis.

These are just some quick pics of my Axibalán Empire war band, that I wanted to post before the current Kickstarter campaign ends.  Better pictures to follow!

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

KD:M Temporary Repacking

The expansions are very impressive ... and very large.  I had to repack them, the original boxes are just too big.  I hope other people find this useful.

I clipped all the large monsters off their sprues.  I did this quickly and roughly, leaving a large nub of plastic.  I want to be able to come back and finds all the bits I need to clean up, so I made no attempt to cut close to the model.  Each monster was packed in a ziplock bag and they all went in one large kraft paper box.

The small monsters and armor kit sprues were placed in the flat black box that came with the survivor rewards.  They fit really nicely.  The other box like this has my core box armor kits.

The rulebooks and tokens are in one of the flat boxes.

Which leaves me with a lot of empty boxes!

It's not perfect, but the monsters will get assembled pretty quickly, I hope.  In the meantime, this takes up much less space.

Kingdom Death: Monster - Expansions

I feel like a deer Screaming Antelope caught in the headlights.  Our Kingdom Death: Monster expansions have arrived and there is so much stuff.  How much stuff?

Well, here's the box it came in, with a dog shown for scale.

Inside, I thought there were 10 boxes, but the Herald of Death tricked me.  There were two more inside that one, for a total of 11.

Here are all the monsters, with their AI, Hit Location and other cards.

This close-up shows some detail.  All the minis are great quality.

Stacks and stacks of cards.   These are just the poker-sized cards; there are loads of little gear cards.

This is all the plastic.  Monsters and armor kits for the survivors.  And a beer!

Each expansions comes with it's own rule book.  The fingerprints are after market.

I must say I am very impressed.  But I have no idea what to do with all this stuff.