Monday, 28 November 2016

Another Huge Mini

So Spidicules from Kingdom Death is the largest miniature that I have painted, and will probably be the largest miniature I will ever painted a brush.  I really need an airbrush for models of this size!

So how big is it?  Take a look:

Did you see the giant spider hiding behind the mini?  That survivor is wearing the Silk Armor, harvested from the dead Spidicules body.  Okay enough joking, here is the monster.

I glued it to a sheet of perspex.  The long legs were really springy and make it very hard to move the model on the game board.  I was really pleased with this result, it's much easier to transport and use in the game.

You really need a close up to see the detail.

The spider spawns babies all over the place.  They are so cute!

  This miniature was a lot of work, but I have happy with the result.  It's been a lot of fun to fight too!


  1. That is quite wonderful painting you did there, i'm about to start painting my own miniatures and if you can give few tips it would be lovely :)

    my main question is how did you do the spider body color since it's it got lots of different types of color on it from a closer look.

  2. Thanks! It's just traditional layering. Look up blending/layering and you'll see hundreds of text and video tutorials by people that can do it better than me. There's some washes here and there, too. To be honest, the blending is not to great on this mini as it's so big. It would take to long. But it looks fine from a distance.