Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Strain: The Cthonian!

I'm getting near the end of new models for Sedition Wars.  This is the top of the food chain for the Strain, the Cthonian.  I think he's the only Strain unique character at the moment.  This was the first Sedition wars mini that I painted "out of order" - the only other Strain figure to come is the Phase 4 Grendlr which is a Phase 5 figure.  The Grendlr is in progress, but it's a complicated figure.

Many people have gone with a fairly monochrome colour scheme, because the mini looks pretty uniform; wires, cables and shielding all over.  Most monochrome colour schemes look great; some how mine looks plain and flat.  I'll have to come back and tart him up a bit.  I might shade the shielding on the top surface of the weapons (shoulder pads?) and ink the pine cone weapon.

I think this is the best OSL I've managed, but it is still a bit off.  I think the green need to be brighter, but whiter looks odd and it's already 90% yellow and 10% green.  I'll need to read a bit more.

I am a little disappointed with the figure.  There is a lot of shading in the metallics (4 shades, from a dark gun metal to bright silver) and 0-3 layers of smoke ink.  The blue is Tamiya weathering powder "Burnt Blue".  There's a "Burnt Red", I might try this on the shoulders.  To tie back to the other Strain, I have painted the weapon tentacle the zombie flesh colour.  Not bad, but overall not what I hoped.

Monday, 2 September 2013

The Strain: Phase 3

Progress continues to be a bit slow, but I cleaned up and primed the last of my Strain: the Brimstones from Phase 3, the Phase 4 Grendlr and the Phase 5 Cthonian.  While I painted the Brimstones, I started on the other models, so they are on their way, at least.

Like the Scythe Witch, the Brimstones have more armour than the smaller Strain.  I went with metallics on the armour and shaded some of it blue.  That make have been a little over done, but it's not too late to correct. I painted them  before assembly, and as a result, they do not sit flat on their base.  I'll need to work on that, maybe holding them flat on the base while gluing them up.

Here's the front view:
And back:

I used the hot water trick to change the pose a little.  One is raising his paw, the other is wagging, I mean, swishing his tail.  It's hard though, because the plastic is pretty chunky.

Say cheese: