Monday, 2 September 2013

The Strain: Phase 3

Progress continues to be a bit slow, but I cleaned up and primed the last of my Strain: the Brimstones from Phase 3, the Phase 4 Grendlr and the Phase 5 Cthonian.  While I painted the Brimstones, I started on the other models, so they are on their way, at least.

Like the Scythe Witch, the Brimstones have more armour than the smaller Strain.  I went with metallics on the armour and shaded some of it blue.  That make have been a little over done, but it's not too late to correct. I painted them  before assembly, and as a result, they do not sit flat on their base.  I'll need to work on that, maybe holding them flat on the base while gluing them up.

Here's the front view:
And back:

I used the hot water trick to change the pose a little.  One is raising his paw, the other is wagging, I mean, swishing his tail.  It's hard though, because the plastic is pretty chunky.

Say cheese:

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