Monday, 12 August 2013

The Strain: Phase Three

Here is the second Phase 2 model, the overly large Quasimodo and my first Phase 3 figure, the sleek Scythe-Witch.  I need to paint more often.  I think I am improving, but I if did a little more, I think I would improve faster.  I'm still not quite getting the results I want, although these are plenty good enough for table top play.

The Quasimodos are huge.  I had to weight the base to stop them tipping over.  Steve McVey, the game's creator, says there was a scale miss-communication between him and the sculptor.  I like the size, but a 35mm base would help.
I hoped they would be a little more green - the inside joke with the purple pants would have been more obvious.  Not much I could do with the poses here, the minis are too solid to heat and bend.

The Scythe-Witches are quite the opposite.  The spur/whip thing is pretty sturdy really, but I still managed to break all three.  There is a lot of detail on the these minis and it was too much for my eyes.  I think I'll ink them after the undercoat, just to get the details to pop.  The metal on these guys is bit smoother and shinier and I've given it a bluish cast.  All will be revealed soon.

By heating them in boiling water, I manage to pose them a little.  Out of the box, they are all exactly the same.

I'm looking forward to the final model.  Almost done now.

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