Tuesday, 1 March 2016

KD:M Temporary Repacking

The expansions are very impressive ... and very large.  I had to repack them, the original boxes are just too big.  I hope other people find this useful.

I clipped all the large monsters off their sprues.  I did this quickly and roughly, leaving a large nub of plastic.  I want to be able to come back and finds all the bits I need to clean up, so I made no attempt to cut close to the model.  Each monster was packed in a ziplock bag and they all went in one large kraft paper box.

The small monsters and armor kit sprues were placed in the flat black box that came with the survivor rewards.  They fit really nicely.  The other box like this has my core box armor kits.

The rulebooks and tokens are in one of the flat boxes.

Which leaves me with a lot of empty boxes!

It's not perfect, but the monsters will get assembled pretty quickly, I hope.  In the meantime, this takes up much less space.

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