Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Kingdom Death's Night Out

In Update #22, Kingdom Death:Monster designer Adam Poots said he would take a break from his kickstarter to take the team out to Red Lobster if TwitchGameNight lost the game of KD:M they were broadcasting.  As part of the bet, if Twitch won, backers would get extra pinup rewards.

TwitchGameNight won!  Good news for us!  But poor Poots and Co. missed out.  So we took our KD:M team for a night out at the local Red Lobster.  Gloomwych braved the snow to get there!

Cassiopeia wasn't hunger and wanted a gift card.  She's from out of town, hence the odd name.

Red wanted a drink.

Skye had the crab.

Honey had shrimp.

Amber needed her zanbato to crack the lobster.

Here's Chestnut with her appetizer.

Our waitress was great and really played along.  I hope Poots and crew get to have a night out soon.

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