Thursday, 14 June 2012

CoA: Thales Class Corvettes

My CoA Fleet just expanded to 9 miniatures.  I have six Thales Class Corvettes, so I painted them all together.  It took two weeks, but I am still painting a squad per week.  Just.

I tried a lighter blue as my base, which worked well.  I am still having trouble with the metallics.  I tried mixing the green ink into the metallics: fail, no colour on the figure.  I tried starting with a darker metal paint lower on the model: fail, too dark.  I tried mixing the ink with some medium, so it would coat better: not much difference.  But in the end, I like the effect, which I am calling malachite steel.  I need to work on my layering; dry brushing really brings out the tool marks on the miniatures.

My CoA industrialists have access to pure sturginium, hence the yellow neon engines.  They sell unrefined sturginium to the rest of the world, see what the KoB has to use here and here.

So here are my Thales Class Corvettes, in Blue Ice with Malachite Steel Plating:

And a looming close-up:

My Time Dilation Orb is primed and ready to go.  It's time to add a huge miniature to this fleet!

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