Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Cool Mini?

Or Not?

I've been lurking on Cool Mini Or Not for a while now.  The site is a showcase for gamers' work, and features images of 174,536 minis! But it's not just a photo collection: anyone, member or not, can rate the images. 

The quality of painting, scratch-built figures and dioramas on this site is just amazing. To be honest, it was a little intimidating and delayed me getting started with my Dystopian Wars fleets.

I have a few new miniatures painted now and I've created a new picture gallery.  Spartan Games and Dystopian Wars is underrepresented on Cool Mini or Not, so I'm glad I put some pictures up there.  You can vote on each of my miniatures from this gallery.

Artists are also rated.  I'm in last place.  No, I'm being too hard on myself.  I am actually in joint last place ... with all the other artists that do not have enough votes to be ranked.  You need 5 pictures, each with 50 votes before you are rated.  Some of my images have been up for less that 24 hours so I'm surprised I have any votes at all.  It would be good to get off the bottom, though.

So now we'll know if my miniatures are cool or not.  Get out there and vote!

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