Friday, 22 June 2012

Callimachus Class Time Dilation Orb

Time for the Covenant of Antarctica to get a huge miniature.

This is one of my favourite CoA models, perhaps my favourite of all the Dystopian Wars minis.  Very sci-fi for a steam punk game, the orb reminds me of the Martians from HG Wells "War of the Worlds".  A closer looks shows many steampunk essentials, gears, pipes, grills, etc, that tie the mini back to the Victorian era.

The model went together easily.  I packed the leg sockets with milliput and did not pin them as they had a big tag; let's hope the super glue holds.  The top engine is magnetised, but it could be glued in place.  It is kind of large and was tricky to hold for painting ... perhaps that explains how I dropped it, broke a leg, bent the others and chipped the paint.  It repaired well enough.

Although the model has a lot of fine detail, it's also covered in tool marks and seams.  The rivets make it really hard to clean up - it would have been easier to sand off the rivets than the tooling.  I tried layering the paint (first time) rather than dry brushing, but the tooling is still very clear in the photos.  It looks better in real-life.

This truly is a huge war engine.  Only the Covenant of Antarctica have the technology to build the Orb. Only they can produce the malachite steel in their stirginium blast furnaces to create legs strong enough to support the massive body.  Only they have the Stirginium Rotary Wankel Engine that powers the unique Leonidas time distortion field.  This is the very pinnacle of Victorian engineering.

Side view, showing the malachite steel legs:

Top view, showing the Rotary Wankel Engine:

And the (soon to be mighty) Covenant of Antarctica fleet:

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