Thursday, 5 July 2012

Painting Competition

I’ve been a bit slow lately, certainly not getting one squad per week. Which means the Spartan GamesCommunity’s first painting competition has perfect timing! Just what I need to get a bunch of miniatures painted.

The competition is organised around groups of 6 small models, painted from start to finish in the month of July. I have plenty and will try to get a batch of six painted each week. That sounds like 24 minis for July, but for some models, I have 9 copies, not 6, and I’ll try to do them all.

I plan to get basic paint jobs completed first and then touch up what I can near the end. That should get the paint on a lot of models, and keep the pressure on me to finish. Hopefully, they’ll look good – I’m up against some of the better painters on the site.

Of course, I started late, so I am already behind. But still I am really looking forwards to this. Even if I can’t get the prize for best unit, I might get the most volume!

Here are some starting pictures. I’ll post work in progress throughout the month.

Kingdom of Britannia Attacker Class Frigates:

Covenant of Antarctica Diogenes Class Frigates:

CoA Plutarch Class Destroyers and Prussian Empire Jager Class Small Airships.  There's a small problem here, small airships are not on the list of allowed minis.  I might have to swap something else into this group:

And I have always wanted an excuse to make one of these images:

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