Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Burney 109 Scout Flyers

"What?", I hear you say, "When did Spartan Games release the new Burney miniatures?"  Relax, you'll notice these look a lot like Prussian Pflichts; surprise, they also have the same stats! It's just not steampunk without dirigibles, so I had to co-opt these guys into my KoB fleet.  I think these are some of the best Dystopian Wars models.
These are often painted some shade of grey and look suitably German.  But when I saw Straet's Prussian Blimps painted in a weathered canvas scheme, I knew could I borrow the idea for some Britannian Blimps.

Burney 109 Scout Flyers:
Looming above:


  1. Nice models mate and thanks for the honours!

    1. Now if only I had the whole fleet done.