Tuesday, 29 May 2012

HMSS Victoria, Ruler Class Battleship

I'm still working on my KoB fleet for  Dystopian Wars.  Having worked out some kinks on my Tribal Class Cruisers, I painted the largest KoB miniature I have at the moment, the Ruler Class Battleship next. 

Yes, this is my first Huge Miniature!

I was a little intimidated by the detail on this battleship, but it went easier than I thought.  I organised the painting better, starting in the recesses and had far less mistakes to touch up than before.  I think the result is a bit crisper and looks good.  I'd like to find some decals for fleet numbers, etc, but otherwise, this model is finished.

HMSS Victoria, Ruler Class Battleship:
Deck view:

Any purists viewing will notice I've got some FSA gun turrets on this model.  All the turrets are magnetised and can be swapped out - I have more KoB 3-barrel guns painted.  I play with the KoB stats, the FSA turrets are just for show.  I think they are scaled a little better to the larger miniature, and the gears on the top are a perfect steampunk motif.


  1. Holy incredible Tony! Tracey passed it on :) Jaclyn