Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Strain

Well, I’ve got a little Strain army for Sedition Wars.
I know, it looks like Thriller!
This was the first batch I painted.  Very detailed, but covered in mold lines that were very hard to remove.  I did a very quick clean up job and it shows.  These Phase 1 Necroforms have a low point value in the game, so you need loads of them.  I was really focused on pumping them through rather than doing a bang up job.  I was also testing colours for use later.  The result is somewhere between a test run and table top quality.
For the colours, I wanted a progression through all the strain from dead human -> zombie -> cyborg.  This is the first level of five, so there is no much variation.  Pinky is the freshest; his metal parts are still dark and pitted.
Split Pants and Big Arm have a slightly darker, more leathery skin tone and lighter metal.
Yup, we've all had this problem with our pants.

 I was pleased with muscle fibers here.
This is darkest flesh tone and brightest metal.
Overall, I’m pleased with this bunch.  I’ll get the point count up a bit, then go back and touch up a few of the errors.  The bases came out well, I think, I used a new transparent red paint, darkened up with a blue ink.  There's no OSL, but I can do that later.

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