Friday, 19 April 2013

Completed Vanguard Squad

Some more good guys from Sedition Wars.

I've added another three Vanguard troopers to my blue-grey squad and I would say it's complete.  The game is not played in squads, but I have one of each heavy weapons and total of 10 minis.  Time to move on to something different, like the heroes or a Hurley.

Here are a few group shots.  The three new figures are on the bases with the black and yellow caution stripes, front and center in this shot:

And here's the squad with the heavy weapons in the center:
I'm pleased with the way they came out.  There is some variation within the group, probably because there was some lag between painting the minis as well as some deliberate experimentation.  Some I can correct - the metallic guns will be painted over, when I have time.  I think I can even up the OSL from energy source in the guns.  Still, good enough to play with.

On to bigger and better projects:  Strain and the heroes.

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