Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Strain: Phase 2

I'm still working on our Sedition Wars forces.  Time for some Strain to even up the head count.  Phase 2 Strain are slightly strong than the Phase 1 grunts that I painted first.  There are two different types, the heavy weapon ranged Quasimodo (coming soon) and the sneaky melee Stalkers.
Out of the box, the Stalkers only have one pose, but the plastic responds very well to heating and bending.  A quick dip in hot water and one is pointing and one has his hook hand raised, ready to attack.  Just a little variation, but enough to stop them looking absolutely identical.  No fancy effects, except for a little OSL on the orange Stalkers ankle.  I like the muscle shading on the torn open bellies, but other than that, they look a little rough in these close ups.
So here one of each Strain figure I've painted so far.  There's a little variation in colour as the nano infection progresses, left to right.  The Stalkers were painted with very different paints ... I expected something a little more different.  I'll exaggerate it next time.

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