Friday, 23 January 2015

Kingdom Death - First Brush/WIP

Now for something completely different.  Kingdom Death: Monster is a huge game funded by a $2 million Kickstarter campaign quite sometime ago.  Another part of the funding comes from Kingdom Death collectors miniatures and the Pinup range.

The Pinups are a crazy concept: they are characters from the game re-imagined as buxom 1940s-60s style pinups.  By and large, the pinup minis are female, regardless of their initial gender and they generally more scantily clad than the original.  And they are pure collectors pieces, not part of any game.  Love them or hate them, they have been insanely popular; the limited edition resin minis sell out in hours.

I bought a box of 8 hard plastic pinups to practice assembling and painting these little fellas.  These are first hard plastic minis from KD and are the same material and quality as the minis in the game. They are very well made, meaning lots of tiny details, so they need different skills.  Also there is a lot of flesh and skin tones can be hard, especially since the studio models have 4 very different skin tones on the heroes.

Here is my first KD pinup.  I wanted a dark skin tone, as I have been painting light skin tones recently. It is also my first limited palette mini; almost all colours contain VMC Fall Earth.  Finally, it's my second go at non-metalic metals.

Better pictures to follow, once I've looked over mini in daylight, cleaned up errors and taken the photos in better light.  

One thing I really like about the game is that although you play with 4 heroes, there are several versions of the the heroes in the game.  Each new miniature is wearing different armor and carrying different equipment, representing items you pick up or craft as defeat the monsters.  You get to assemble the miniature, just like building a Airfix airplane kit, with any combinations parts you fancy.  I need the practice getting these done:  I have more that 66 versions of these four guys!

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