Friday, 9 January 2015

Big Hair Day

My first mini of the new year is Rin Farrah, from Soda Pop.  She is part of my Cerci Speed Circuit crew.

I struggled with the paint scheme.  Generally, I don't like copying the studio colours and I already had a strongly orange mini in the crew, so I had two reasons for going my own way.  But the studio colours are great and I did not think I could do any better.  It's always a bad start knowing your colour scheme is not the best, even if you can pull of a perfect paint job.

Anyway, I came up with something in the orange region of the spectrum and I think she's just fine.  I'm not good at the flat black guns and she is very tiny, so some of the layering got covered over, but still I'm happy.

She's no Farrah trademark blonde, but that's still some big hair:

So I now have a 46 point Cerci crew.  Pretty close to 50, one of the standard sized games of Relic Knights.

Hey! Where's Rollo?

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