Monday, 5 October 2015

Gloomwych: Settlement

Stumbling through the dark, the band of four hears pitiful grunts nearby.  Rounding a bluff, they find 8 people huddled in the dirt, beneath the glowing yellow light of a Lantern Horde.  Honey pushes through the group and caresses the warm pile of light, then turns and with great courage, speaks the first words of Language.

Hearing the bravery in Honey’s voice, all 12 people begin to work together and their name the scrapes in the ground they call home “Gloomwych”.  Over the next weeks, the 4 survivors help build the first Locations, the Bonesmith, the Skinnery and the Organ Grinder.  They arm themselves with Bone Blades, a Bone Axe and Bone Darts.  For protection, they fashion a Rawhide Vest and Headband.  As the days pass by, their resources dwindle to some White Fur, a Curious Hand and a mighty pair of Testes.  Honey tells the people of Gloomwych they must head out into the dark again and replenish the stores.  Poor blind Snow stays with Honey, as Red and Coal help Chestnut and Ash take their names.  They disappear into the dark.


With 4 survivors and 12 resources, we felt pretty good.  We used 3 innovate to create the first 3 locations and because we lost all the founding stones, the next action was to make 4 weapons.  That left us with no Bone to innovate, so we made little armor from the basic hide and kept all the special resources.  We wasted the last endeavor.

Here we made an error.  Instead of recording and archiving the leftover gear, we put the cards in a little deck somewhere safe.  This meant that when we drew cards in the next game, there was less White Fur and no Testes.  We’ll get it right next time.

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