Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Candy and Cola

Candy and Cola are iconic figures from Relic Knights by Soda Pop.  There are so famous that other games companies have included them in completely unrelated games - we have Candy and Cola miniatures for Kingdom Death, for example.  Even in Relic Knights, Candy and Cola make several appearances and I actually have 3 different version of Candy.

This version was a Kickstarter bonus.  All the factions were given an "alternate universe" version of an existing character.  These were not normal part of the faction, this version is part of Cerci Speed Circuit and Candy is normally a Prismatic and they were all dressed as famous anime characters.  Initially, these were "cosplay characters" but by the time the game was released, they were called Darkspace characters and their studio colour schemes were altered a little from the anime originals, a copyright/licensing/trademark issue I guess.  Still, we all know who these guys are!

So here's the Darkspace Candy and Cola painted to match Street Fighter's Chun Li and Ryu.  This is a characteristic pose of Chun Li from Street Fighter, a popular video game.  Also Candy's abilities in Relic Knights match Chun Li's fighting style.  It's a really good copyright infringement crossover:

I am really pleased with little Cola, but Candy's face will need to be repainted.  Honestly, the sculpt is not great (it's a bit flat) and I am not a free hand painter.  Her sheer stockings defeated me too.  But they make a cute pair based up together.

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