Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Relic Knights - Game 3

Our papercraft table top is growing!  It's been fun playing Relic Knights on more than just a tablecloth.

We had some more scenery on the table for game 3.  It is not quite finished - I have not colored the folded seams yet - but it fills the table and already looks good.

In this game, the Cerci Speed Circuit biker gang raced around the table top, sabotaging objectives quickly, setting a new lap time record.  They settled into pounding the Star Nebula Corsairs primary objective and finally destroyed it as the space pirates started to wipe the biker chicks off the table.

Another win for Cerci!

Starting positions:

Rin hides!  No, she's sabotaging that objective:

Sue moves out!  Kate has brought a knife (and a bomb) to a gunfight!

Rin takes the high ground.  Unfortunately, she was killed before she could get in position to shoot:

The biker chicks crowd the SNC's primary objective.  The Wrecker was destroyed during this skirmish, but Sue destroyed the objective for the win!

10 VPs for Cerci!  Anarchy (secondary), Lap Time (faction) and then Tear It Down (primary).

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