Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Relic Knights - First Knight

Well, I've managed to do a little more on my Relic Knights forces.  The miniatures are not wonderful, so the goal was to clean and paint them quickly, and not to get too obsessed with getting everything perfect.  Well, I managed the "not being perfect" part ;-).  Blowing them up this large really shows the mistakes.

First, we have Betty, who is partnered with Lug in the previous post.  These pictures are really bright, a little more saturated than real life, but the wonky eye is all my own work.  They are from the Cerci Speed Circuit, whose faction colour is green, hence the base, and she is green Creation Esper Initiate, hence the little green crystal.

Calico Kate is the largest figure I have painted from this line, my first Relic Knight.  She's part of the pirate Star Nebula Corsairs faction.  She is similarly colour coded.

This is quite a large figure, it is on an 80mm base.  I painted a few Games Workshop Titans a long time ago, they were also this size.  I loved the eye patch - just one eye to paint for Kate ;-)

Anyway, we are just a few minis away from playing a fully painted game!

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