Sunday, 24 August 2014

Relic Knights Bases

We have just played our first game of Relic Knights and it was really good fun.  But like every other “first game”, the rules were a little tricky to follow.  One problem was that each unit has many unique skills and we are not totally familiar with each of the little guys yet.  I had an idea that means we might not have to remember so much stuff.

One of these skills tells you which colour cards generate the power for generic powers, and also how many of those powers can be used.  For example an Essence Master use yellow cards and a Creation Initiate uses green cards.  Masters have more abilities than Initiates. 

To help remember this, I thought of placing correctly coloured crystals on the bases, larger crystals for the Masters, smaller crystals for the Initiates.  I’m also planning to paint the edges of the bases in the faction colours.  Here are a few work in progress shots to show how it looks.

Here's a Creation Initiate - small green crystal.

And an Essence Initiate - small yellow crystal.

Suicide Queen gets two.  Her insert is on the base already and has the faction shading.  I'll find a better shade of green before I count this as finished.

There are skills that are more generic and don't apply to any particular colour - Esper Initiate and Master.  I was not sure which colour to use, perhaps grey/white but I went with two colours per crystal in the end.

I've made a start on some Corsair bases too, and actually finished one mini:

I have not seen this idea mentioned elsewhere, and I hope other people find it useful.

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